Roll kit-CKT177

CT399 - Metallic Power Bank A great 2600-mAh personal charger for smart phones and other devices. Includes cable charger. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red.

CT232 - The Deux Port USB Car Charger Charges USB-powered devices in you vehicle. Comes with LED power indicator. Lightweight and compact. Charges either 1 tablet device or 2 mobile phones simultaneously. Available in Black, Blue, White.

CT918 - Power-Up Squid 3-n-1 Charging Cable versatile and convenient cable set featuring 4 connector cords: a USB adaptor, Type-C connector, Micro USB and Apple compatible connector. Available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Black.

Case Neoprene case with 5 compartments. Available in Black.

Color :


Size : (T399): 9/16"w x 3 3/4"h
(T232): 4"w
(T918): 1 1/8"w x 6 1/2"h
(Case): 9 1/4"w x 5"h
Imprint : (CT399): Standard Imprint Area: 2-1/2W x 1/2H
(Epoxy - Front Only): 2-1/2W x 1/2H
(Optional Sides): 3W x 1/2H (CT232): Imprint Area: 1-1/4W x 0.85H
(CT918): Imprint Area: 3/4W x 3/4H
(Case): Imprint Area: 1-3/8W x 3-1/4H
Carton Weight : 0 lbs / 0 pcs