Cleaning Micro Fiber Cloth-CK-827

A large Micro Fiber cloth to safely clean musical instruments, antiques,pianos, television and computer screens. Micro Fiber cloth is commonly used for cleaning sun glasses, reading eye glasses, cameras, cell phones, iPods and other screens of small electronic devices.

CK-824 optional Pouch: Insert the Micro Fibre in a clear pouch for $ 0.22(G)/pc. Special folding request additional $0.35(G)/pc.

Cloth colour is always white. If you prefer a specific colour of cloth please contact your CSR for availability.

Color :


Size : 13 3/4 w x 11 3/4 h
Imprint : 13 3/4" w x 11 3/4" h
Carton Weight : 30 lbs / 500 pcs