Gel Wine Chiller-CT-160

Sip wine at the perfect temperature with help from this clever winecoolersleeve. Constructed of pierce-resistant nylon and fitted with twoinner gel packs, the unit creates an insulated, customized chilling solutionfor a variety of wines, sparkling wines, champagnes, and other bottledbeverages. The sleeve features elastic bands and an adjustable collar thatallow for slipping it snugly around standard-size bottles, while its taperedtop maximizes contact with the bottle to ensure thorough cooling.Simply pre-chill the sleeve in the refrigerator or freezer and then drape itgently over the bottle for hours of sipping perfection.

Color :

Blue, Black

Size : 6.5 w x 8.875 h
Imprint : (Customed Contour): 3.71w x 6.25h (2 Colour Max)
(Two Sided - Customed Contour): 3.71w x 6.25h (2 Colour Max)
Carton Weight : 0 lbs / 0 pcs